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    1. 歡迎訪問寧波奉化亞升液壓制造有限公司網站!
      熱線電話:0574-88536828 13738834567
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    2.       寧波奉化亞升液壓制造有限公司是奉化液壓行業技術管理骨干\檢驗檢測人員重組而成,本公司是國內專業生產液壓元件的主要廠家之一。公司注冊資金300萬,廠房面積5000多平方,坐落與奉化西塢外向科技園區。本公司主要生產:蓄能器、蓄能器附件、充氮車、安全球閥、高壓球閥、高壓截止閥等產品。長期為冶金、礦山、石油、化工、工程、輕工機械等行業的液壓設備配套。同時,我們能為不同的用戶設計制造各類液壓元件和系統。



            Ningbo Fenghua Yasheng Hydraulic Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located at hydraulic components manufacturing base of China --- Fenghua City, Zhejiang. Our company is specialized in producing hydraulic components, is one of the major manufacturers of this industry. Our main products include: nitrogen vehicles, safety valves, high pressure ball valves, high pressure valves and other products.  Our products are use in the hydraulic equipments of  the metallurgical, mining, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, heavy machinery and other industries. At the same time, we can design and manufacture all kinds of hydraulic lubrication system for different users.              
            We are with good production equipment, advanced production technology, sophisticated testing equipment, perfect management system. Also, we are with strong technical force, the company has different kinds of high quality technical personnel and CAD  design system. We are in strict accordance with ISO9000 quality system control to control  product quality, our products are accepted by our customers. To expand the market, our company  co-operate with major design institutes, heavy plant and research institutes we have established a good cooperative relationship to develop product.

             We always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", serving for our customers. We sincerely welcome customers to visit our company, cooperate and achieve mutual benefit for a bright future!



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